Summer Camps and Workshops – register in May 2022!

Registration open summer 2022! Call Jessica 406-210-2937 or Gina, 916-251-6308. Join us for more fun and learning.

  • New! Fly fishing Camp
  • Horse Camp at Carmody Farm
  • Dance Camp with Heather Adams
  • Integrated Music (New)
  • Art Camps 1 & 2 (sign up for one only)
  • Aquatic Habitat Exploration at the Teller Wildlife Refuge
  • Tye Dye Camp
  • B.E.A.R Ropes course 1 &2 (sign up for one only)
  • Canoe and Kayak Camp at Homestead Organics Farm
  • Nature Camp at the Teller Wildlife Refuge

printable schedule link:

New classes: All events are FREE but donations are greatly appreciated.                  Please contact Jessica at 406-210-2937  or Gina: HEARTism Classes are offered to children ages 6-19 years old. Please RSVP with Gina Wiezel for all events. (916-251-6308).Thank you! 

Ongoing throughout the year:

Music Therapy: with Sarah Hallsgrimson, certified music therapist (on hold for this month)

Dance Lessons:  with Heather Adams, professional Dancer and founder of Missoula Downtown Dance Collective

Painting: TBA

Healthy and Fun Cooking: TBA

We loved our past programming and have invited Heather Adams (Downtown Dance Collective) back for more movement/dance and fun! Join Heather this summer too!

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