Winter classes and workshops – register January 2022!

Registration soon open winter 2022! Call Jessica 406-210-2937! Join us for more fun and learning.

New classes: All events are FREE but donations are greatly appreciated.                  Please contact Jessica at 406-210-2937  Thank you! 

Music Therapy: with Sarah Hallsgrimson, certified music therapist

Dance Lessons:  with Heather Adams, professional Dancer and founder of Missoula Downtown Dance Collective


Healthy and Fun Cooking: October 11th at 4 PM with Sharon Demorest, Nutritionist

We loved our past programming and have invited Heather Adams (Downtown Dance Collective) back for more movement/dance and fun! Join Heather and the crew

This is a wonderful opportunity to dance and move with Ruby Robertson, professional dancer, and Heather Adams, professional dancer and founder of the Missoula Downtown Dance Collective. Both were absolutely wonderful engaging our participants in the video workshops for the NEA grant we received this past Spring..
Semi-private lessons with 3 or 4 students per class. These classes will fill up quickly, so advance sign-up is required.
June 11 & 25, July 16 & 30, August 20 & 27. Two classes: 3:30 – 4:15 or 4:30 – 5:15

See the rest of the camps and workshops on the newest blog post!

Successful completion of our National Endowment for the Arts Partnership: BITTERROOT ARTS FOR AUTISM AWARDED $10,000 COMPETITIVE NATIONAL ENDOWMENT FOR THE ARTS GRANT

Our new enrichment program, Ripple Effect: Movement for Connection, served children in the autism spectrum, their parents and educators using movement and the arts to facilitate deeper engagement and more effective learning strategies. The 4 session Zoom and video program, April through May, is funded in part by a Challenge America Grant through the National Endowment for the Arts.

Corvallis MT — In 2019 HEARTism (HCC), Bitterroot Arts for Autism, received a National Endowment for the Arts (NEA) ChallengeAmerica Grant to enrich the lives of children within the autism spectrum and adults who care for or educate them. The focus of this programming is to reach people in the Bitterroot Valley through the arts especially those within the autism spectrum and with special needs. The workshops have been revamped to meet COVID safety protocol as they were postponed a year due to the lockdown and are available April 2nd, 3rd, 17th and May 1st, 2021.

The movement workshops for educators, parents and caregivers of children with special needs are being held via Zoom with Heather Adams, dancer, choreographer and educator taking the lead with the help of Pam Erickson, Megan Johnson and University of Montana pre-professional dance student, Ruby Roberts. 

Jessica Fitzpatrick, founder, HEARTism Community Center, is collaborating on lessons as a certified Autism Specialist (IBCCES). The Zoom and video lessons will be offered for 15 OPI Educator renewal credit offerings.

HCC and collaborators are providing the spring workshops geared toward caregivers, teachers, paraeducators and parents of children living with autism and other special needs.  Ripple Effect collaborators are offering this in the Bitterroot Valley an underserved area and to any interested person. The goal is to provide more tools and fun activities to expand the connection the children have with the arts.  The focus will mainly be dance/movement but it will use visual art and music as well. Interdisciplinary lessons plans for educators will be explored. Fitzpatrick on the importance of this program, “The NEA grant is an honor providing an opportunity for HCC to offer a high-quality, therapeutic dance program to local children and families with special abilities, as well as, educational workshops helping teachers throughout the Bitterroot Valley.” The NEA is an independent federal agency created in 1966.

HCC received generous support from The National Endowment for the Arts, The Rapp Family Foundation, The Doyle Foundation and private donations.

Program directors hope all participants learn to move with new meaning and change the way they see success! Heather Adams (Downtown Dance Collective), dancer, performer, choreographer and educator will provide a warm easy virtual environment to learn, cultivate joy and create meaningful lessons. She and dance students from the University of Montana in collaboration with Jessica Fitzpatrick, ED, Heartism Center will provide instruction and adaptations. “We will explore various avenues to unlock expression and creativity.  We will encourage the paradigm shift; away from the results and toward engagement. We learn how to be adaptable to serve every child.  No easy feats, but we hope to inspire your creativity and acceptance through this workshop. “ explains Heather  Adams.

What: Ripple Effect movement and arts workshops consist of Zoom workshops with on demand pre-recorded instructional videos produced by Heather Adams and Christian Ackerman, Fastcoast Studios.

When: April 2nd, 3rd, 17th and May 1st, 2021 

10am-2pm (with asynchronous video to watch at your convenience)

Early Bird registration until March 15th $25! Contact Jessica at 406-210-2937.

$45 after March 15 with scholarships available. 

Offering 15 OPI Educator Renewal Credits! Flexible registration one or more sessions with a Zoom dance party finale.

Director Fitzpatrick, says of the center “Our program holds space for creative expression and a celebration of movement accommodating the artist in each child.”

The mission of Bitterroot Arts for Autism ~ HEARTism Community Center (HCC) is to provide education and socialization for children with special needs through exploration of the arts — music, dance, creative movement, yoga, a variety of activities and life skills — while supporting and educating parents and families. HEARTism is based in Corvallis, Montana.

HEARTism Community Center has tax-exempt status under the fiscal sponsorship of Bitter Root R C & D.

Please contact Jessica Fitzpatrick, Executive Director, at, 406-210-2937

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