Thank You to Ravalli Electric Co-op Power of Change Program!

$2800 Donation from Ravalli Electric Co-op’s Power of Change program funds sensory kits for Heartism!!

Lights flash, sirens blare and first responders rush to quell the crisis. When emergencies happen we predict the chaos of loud noise and the blast of sirens. For children with special needs these situations can be sensory overload and may endanger lives. As the children thrive on routine and predictability, these unexpected situations are best handled by soothing and protecting them from the loud sounds, abrupt behavior of professionals and bright lights. Heartism is now creating “sensory kits” for all first responders from Florence to Sula! The kits contain sensory filtering items such as earphones and sunglasses plus instructions for the professionals who will have them on hand for individuals with special needs during times of crisis or emergency.

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